Wednesday, May 15, 2013


AN ANGEL BOX?...........................................

I had my own suspicions what 'an angel box' might be, but I guarantee, when you read Desert Coyote Productions Author Denny Youngblood's thriller, AN ANGEL WILL be surprise! Read along as he tells all in this fascinating interview another Desert Coyote Production's author, Teresa Stehens Richenberger.

A native Texan, Denny Youngblood currently resides in Longview, Texas with his beautiful wife Alice. He earned his Eagle Scout award at age 16 and later went on to serve his country in the United States Air Force. He earned Ph.D in Psychology has helped him create and pen several novels,
short stories, and non-fiction works. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing and painting western art and is also an accomplished musician. His wife, children, and grandchildren make his life complete.



TR: In your book, would you say that the story line is just about catching an escaped killer from prison? Can you tell the readers more about the story line?

DY: The Angel Box story line far exceeds the adventures of catching an escaped Texas prisoner. This particular prisoner, more evil and cunning than ever, becomes an unwitting pawn in an unusual relationship. In Cellie's quest to wreak havoc and mayhem on a family, one family member, Harrison Thurston, a 12 year old boy with Down's syndrome, becomes involved with Cellie in a most unorthodox manner. Harrison is gifted with the ability to get inside Cellie's mind and play him like a chess game.
TR: How and where did you get the materials and information to write your book? Your characters and the towns?

DY: The setting for An Angel Box came from the small community I grew up in. Laverne, Oklahoma is a thriving, vibrant community filled with some very interesting people. It is in a rural atmosphere that Harrison and sister Abigail confront evil as has never been accomplished. The characters, prison setting, rural setting, and other materials came from extensive research and experience.

TR: Who would enjoy this book the most and why?
DY: Readers who would enjoy this fiction tale include those who love mystery, intrigue, suspense, and hard-core thrillers. The villain in this book is bad-to-the-bone awful. Authors cannot have a believable villain who does nice things. Cellie talks the talk and walks the walk. The hero is unusual, interesting, and quite a character on his own. Readers would enjoy the intensity of this thriller, and how it moves the story along at a heart-stopping pace. Best of all, the reader will find the ending to be a complete surprise. Only at the very end is the Angel Box revealed and its purpose.

TR: Does the book take the reader inside the prison wall where the killer lived? Could you give us a little sample of what it would be like?

DY: The reader is taken inside a real Texas prison and allowed to see details the public is unaware of. It is in this setting that we see, feel, hear, and smell the inmates, the walls, the corridors, the day-to-day life of a real prison instead of the make-believe prison world other authors depict.

TR: On the back cover of your book, you talked about it takes a killer to save people from a killer. Could you give the readers a little more on this?

DY: Sometimes, it does take a killer to take down a killer. When Harrison was twelve years old, he accidentally killed his mother. It was from this memory that drives the little boy to deal with the mad man, Cellie.

TR: IS there a HERO in your book and if so, can you share some of that?

DY: There are actually several heroes in An Angel Box. Harrison could easily be deemed a lovable hero. So could his sister, Abigail, the matronly sheriff, and several other lively characters. It takes more than one hero to bring down, Cellie. Even then, life dictates that even a hero's best efforts leave them wanting more.

Such is An Angel Box. It will bring the readers to tears, laughter, despising Cellie, rooting for the good guys, and a genuine sense of accomplishment in this fast-paced page turner.

TR: Thank you so much, Author Denny Youngblood for sharing with us about An Angel Box. Where can we buy your book?

DY: It's been a pleasure, Teresa. You can find my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ask for it in any bookstore.