Sunday, January 23, 2011

Writing & Makeup

Writing is a lot like applying makeup; sometimes less is more and sometimes you can't have enough. Lines, curves, shades, and shadows emerge from the creases and corners to produce a brilliant balance of beauty.

A pallet of color-tinted words can take the writer, or reader, to faraway countries, bustling cities, paradise islands, or to back wood forests where perhaps home-spun history has become legend.

A bristly brush inside the minds of characters who might, or might not be, real could bring a crimson blush or a heart-warming laugh. Brazen red lips, ebony curls, jade green eyes...which do you prefer? Pardon me while I powder my nose.


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

I love it! :) You have a way with words, Jeannie. You should be a writer. ;)

Kacy S said...

Welcome to the Blog World Momma Goose! I love you! :)

Patty W said...

Good job! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

That's a clever comparison, Jeannie. I'll bookmark your blog!