Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome Fellow Readers, Authors and Friends!

Today, I'm excited to be interviewing Patty Wiseman, a friend and author.

Patty can you give us a little background information before we begin?
First of all Jeannie, thank you for having me. I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. After high school graduation, I set out for Bartlesville, Oklahoma to attend college. I spent 10 years there before moving to Texas where I have resided for over 30 years now. Between my two grown sons and stepdaughter, I have 15 grandchildren. Eighteen years ago, I married for the second time. My husband, Ron, and I live in the country with our creme lab, Cutter. I've worked for 23 1/2 years as an administrative assistant to a financial advisor. I will be retiring in 2012 and hope to write full time.

Where did the inspiration come for your novel?
This story is very personal and dear to my heart. My father never knew his own father. Daddy was only 10 months old when grandfather was killed in a fire. It had been an arranged marriage, and my grandmother moved far away, remarried, and buried the past. Dad searched during his lifetime to find any information he could about his father. Unfortunately, he died before he could realize that dream. I took up the search and through Ancestry.com found my grandfather's grave in Detroit, Michigan. It was a chain reaction after that, and I began to piece together their story. My book is a fictional work based on the information I found. I'm sad my dad didn't get to know these things.

Since this is your debut novel, what advice would you give another aspiring writer? Just do it. Begin...and never give up. Cliche, I know, but if writing is your passion, then hone your craft, keep learning, and reach out to like-minded writers. They are a wonderful group of people. Each effort will find you improving and growing.

What surprised you the most about your own writing? Voice. I always heard that each writer has a voice, and you have to keep writing to find it. As I kept going, learning, and observing, my voice seemed to emerge. I have two distinct voices, I think. I love history and love to write in past eras, but I also love comedy. I have a romantic comedy I hope will be ready after the first of the year. Two distinctly different voices. Don't be afraid to branch out!

How did you complete the research for this book? Like I mentioned before, Ancestry.com was a big factor in tracking things down. I also found many writers who live in Michigan who supplied me with great historical facts about life in Detroit in the 1920's. The Internet is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a specific writing style? Writing style to me is the voice. I love old English, and so writing in the past allows me to use that style, but I also write in a contemporary style in my other works, such as comedy and poetry.

What books influenced you the most and which authors? Because I am a history buff, I have to list Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Who doesn't like Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind? On a more contemporary note, I love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series. Among other favorites, David McCullough's John Adams, and Jon Meacham's American Lion. Donald McCaig's Rhett Butler's People is right up there, too. I love reading about ancient Queens, also.

Name one entity, outside of family, that supported this accomplishment the most. One entity? Well, that's hard. I have an amazing critique group, a writing partner, and a writer's association who, not only support me, but teach me as I go.

What is the most challenging thing in writing a book? One of the most challenging is time. Life tempts you away from the discipline of writing. But for me...keeping the time-line straight. I struggled with that at first. My current WIP-I am doing storyboards! It is going much smoother.

Is there any thing specific you would like to say to other writers and readers?Writers, keep writing. We need your stories to feed our voracious appetites to travel in the worlds of your making. I'm always looking for the next great read. Readers, keep reading, and as you cross over to our universe, remember, we are there with you, looking over your shoulder, saying...'See? Did you hear it?' We walk with you into that new world.

Jeannie, thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and your readers. It's been a privilege and an honor!

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Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Very nice interview, Patty. :) Loved learning more about you. Wishing you much success with An Unlikely Arrangement.