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I always love the chance to be interviewed, but how often does an author have the opportunity of being interviewed by their PUBLISHER? 
Don A. Martinez is Publisher/Editor/Owner of DESERT COYOTE PRODUCTIONS which is the entity that's made it possible for me to have three fantastic novels published ... so far. I'd like to share how our conversation went. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did doing it.
Jeannie Faulkner Barber was born and raised in Marshall, Texas. Writing has been one of two passions in her life, the other being drag racing: she drives her own racecar. She met her husband Monte at the track. She is an Officer of the East Texas Writers Association. She currently lives in Kilgore, Texas with Monte. They have three sons and nine grandchildren.

Jeannie was the third author to see print from Desert Coyote Productions and has had involvement with three books through DCP: her debut novel
Scent of Double Deception (with co-author Ann Alan), a solo mystery Taste of Fire about a female firefighter, and the fantasy epic Destiny Never Sleeps: Quest of the Two Queens (with Bernadette Thompson Martin).

She has been published online, as well as in an anthology through her writer's group.

It is my pleasure to welcome Jeannie to this interview.

Don A. Martinez: I like to start off interviews by asking people to tell us something folks may not know about themselves. There's an extended bio for both yourself and Bernadette in
Destiny Never Sleeps, but maybe is there anything that might have been left out of that little blurb, a little quirk that sparks your writing or your creative motor?

Jeannie Faulkner Barber: The human-interest side of the whole writing relationship is that we have never met face to face - yet. Not only did a dynamic fantasy novel develop, but an extraordinary honest and true friendship. We think so much alike that often times the same word, comment, or idea comes out in unison. When we write together, the taks becomes more joyful than just a creative mission, and we spend alot of time laughing.

Don: The three books you've put out through DCP have been quite varied in subject, nature, and tone. Scent had a dark, foreboding feel, with all of the multiple identities and lies; Taste of Fire showed a lot of danger, both of the disastrous and human kind; and then you have Destiny, which goes into classical epic fantasy. Is there anything that feels difficult about switching between all of these kinds of stories?

JFB: There was a distinct variance with the first two novels even though suspense and mystery mold both plots. However, with Destiny, Bernadette's creativity and gregarious imagination made it an easy and fun transition.

Don: Can you tell us a little bit about your writing habits? When you have a burning story in you, how do you go about getting that out of your head and onto paper?

JFB: I'm more inspired and creative on rainy days, but when an idea comes, regardless of place, time or weather, it's as though the scene plays forth like a panoramic movie in my head. the trick is to type as fast as I can, especially when my characters appear to have a mind of their own. It's truly a gift from how do you explain being able to walk or speak? It just comes naturally.
Don : What do you use to trigger your imagination?

JFB: Anything and everything. A single word can spark a complete graphic scenario, which ultimately can lead to chapter after chapter.

DAM: Let's talk about what your read for yourself. Are there any recent books you've read, not necessarily from the DCP catalog, that you'd recommend?

JFB: Reading gave way to the inspiration to write. I recently finished Implosion by my great author friend Fran Riedemann and now am into Ten-Gallon War by John Eisenberg. This story recants a roller coaster of events between two Texas owned NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Texans (who became the Kansas City Chiefs.) I must say though, when I'm writing, there isn't much time to read...gotta have priorities.

One I haven't read, but tops my list is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, which is the story of a young girl who, after being raped and murdered, watches from her personal Heaven as family and friends struggle to move on while she comes to terms with her own death. It received much critical praise and was an instant bestseller. I've always had aspirations of writing a novel in first person - a difficult task if done efficiently.

Don: Who do you consider to be an influence on your writing? It's hard not to notice that your middle name is "Faulkner," would you consider William Faulkner among your influences?

JFB: Most definitely! His novels are works of art and renowned classics. I'm humbled to be a relative of such great talent.

Don: This might be a bit of a philosophical question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. A lot of folks have various reasons why they write, whether it's because they have a passion for their story or an overactive imagination. Why do you write?

JFB: A little bit of both, of course my 'other' passion is drag racing. I have a need for speed.
Don: What are your future plans in terms of writing?

JFB: God gave me a grand new scheme and story which I'm keeping under wraps for the present time.

Don: I've heard scuttlebutt about sequels to Destiny, would you care to elaborate?

JFB: SInce writing with Bernie is as easy as breathing air, Volume 2 and 3 are already underway.

Don: To get to your other life's passion, what's your greatest memory on the racetrack?

JFB: Although winning many trophies and crossing that finish line first, especially in San Antonio, Texas for Super Chevy, is a monstrous thrill, my greatest moment was laying eyes upon my future, and now present, husband, Monte Barber. He's my biggest fan and supporter of all my endeavors.

Don: Well, this has been a great interview, and I want to thank you, Jeannie, for taking the time to answer my questions. Before we end it, though, could you let the folks reading know all the places where we can find your presence on the Web?

JFB: This has been fun and definitely a pleasure, Don. You can find all of my works on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

Welcome to my Amazon Author Page.

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I'd like to add a huge 'thank you' for the magnificent job you do as my editor and publisher at Desert Coyote Productions, as well as your talented and creative wife, Stacey.

Don: Thank you once again, Jeannie


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