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SOLD to the HIGEST BIDDER! - inside interview with Author Teresa Stephens Richenberger


Hello to all the fantastic followers of Desert Coyote Productions! We have started doing a ‘round-robin’ of interviews with DCP authors, and today, it truly is my pleasure to be speaking with Teresa Stephens Richenberger. Her book, “Sold to the Highest Bidder”, has received a lot of notoriety. Welcome, Teresa, and congratulations on your book’s success.
The fact that you have put your life story in print probably had a big impact in many ways. Can you share some of that?
TSR: One of the biggest impacts that my book has had is that it lets people know there is always HOPE and to never give up on yourself or others. So many mothers have come to me and thanked me for renewing their faith for their children. At times, they’ve wanted to give up on their kids.
Did you decide on the title for you book? If not, how did that develop?
TSR: The title of the book came about, first because I was sold to the things in the world, and secondly, because I was sold to the Highest Bidder of all, Jesus Christ. He paid the highest price for me - a price no human man could ever pay.
I totally agree with you, Teresa, and how fortunate for us Christ was the propitiation for our sins.
“Through My Eyes” by Quarterback Tim Tebow has been called a Christian memoir book. Is that how you categorize “Sold to the Highest Bidder”?
TSR: Yes and no. My book tells my story about me coming to Christ, but my book also reaches the secular readers as well. It will grip your heart.
You’ve been at a myriad of functions since the book debuted including the 700 Club and Seeds TV. Can you give our readers an introduction to your work, and tell us more about other places where you’ve spoken?  
TSR: I have spoken to inmates at the prison and shared to women that are in women’s shelter and homes. I have also spoken at Texas Tech University and several Christian universities, as well. I will share to 5 women or 500 women …wherever God opens a door.
In another interview I read, you stated, ‘you couldn’t keep up with the game your life was playing’. That’s pretty tough words. What exactly did it mean?
TSR: The true reference is to the lies that I was living. The fantasyland I had created was not real life. The drugs and alcohol was a way to stay numb to what my life had become.
Well praise the Lord, because looking at you today, that is so hard to visualize.
In your words, it took several years to ‘totally sell out to God’. How did that finally come about? 
TSR: I had to be completely broken and understand I could not do it by myself; I needed a higher power (God) to help me.
Also being a Christian and a believer, I know what it means to live under grace every day. Your journey presents such inspiration to so many. It was a tremendous challenge to turn your life around as you have done. Please share how it happened.
TSR: I was not an overnight success. It took a couple of years for me to turn my life around, even after I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I had to fight every single day to choose to do the right thing. I kept going to church. Then, I got a couple of accountability partners who would hold me accountable. I learned scriptures from the Bible and would say them aloud. I had to start believing God’s word over mine, or my friends, that His word was the truth about me.
The axiom “write what you know” seems to hold true here. What complex barriers were encountered while traveling back through such a dark and traumatic past?   
TSR: I realized how lost and broken I really was. I would take time out from writing and actually cry out to God thanking Him for rescuing me. It reminded me of what I had come though and that God’s grace and mercy was always there for me.
Obviously, you’ve acquired a considerable, loyal ‘fan base’. So many appreciate and admire this dynamic testimony. Other than God, who has been the greatest champion to facilitate the publishing of your work?
TSR: Desert Coyote, because I had no clue how to get my book out there or set things up. Don A. Martinez has been wonderful with all his help.
Yes ma’am, all of us as DCP authors are indebted to Don, as well as his wife, Stacey. They both are amazingly talented in their own respects.
There’s quite a lot of scripture quoted among the pages, but I’m curious as to which verses had the most influence as a lifeline to bring you to the place you are today? 
TSR: II Timothy: “I do not have a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind.” I live on this scripture, even today.
I agree, those are prodigious words for all us to draw from.
Teresa, thank you for giving us some insight to your life’s horrific ordeal and your journey through to God’s love and light. Is there anything further you’d like to share?  
TSR: That if you have faith, just the size of a mustard seed. God can, and will, take that little seed and make a mighty tree! Never lose hope. I encourage you to read my story, “Sold to the Highest Bidder!” You can get it at Amazon books, and or Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, and of course on Kindle and Nook.
It is also available on my website:
Ask for it at your favorite bookstores because they can also order it for you.
Also, you can find me on or Facebook as Teresa Richenberger.
Sold to the Highest Bidder is on, CBN online, and YouTube.
If you are wrangling with life and its difficulties, I encourage everyone to check out this great novel, as well as keep up with this fantastic author because she is definitely going places sharing her story and the Good News of salvation!

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